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    3M backing self-adhesive weather strip with hardened pile

    Standard & Specification

    • A - Base Width

      Variate from 4mm to 25mm

    • B - Pile Height

      Variate from 5mm to 20mm

    • C - Base Thickness

      All spec: 0.8mm ± 0.15 mm

    • D - Pile Width

      6.9(4P): 2.9mm ± 0.3mm

      4.8(4P): 1.9mm ± 1.5mm

      2P2L: 1.45mm

      3P1L: 1.45mm / 3P2L: 2.1mm / 3P3L: 2.68mm

      4P2L: 2.3-2.5mm / 4P3L: 3.4mm / 4P4L: 4.2mm

      5P5L: 4.7mm / 5P4L: 4.4mm

    • E - FIN Height

      Same as pile height

      Higher than pile height

      Lower than pile height

      FIN material: plastic or fabric

    • F - Strip Length


    • G - Base Margin Width

      Variate according to base width & pile width

    product details


    Suitable for aluminum alloy without groove, PVC, wood materials. Can choose a variety of colors to match with the profiles . With high bonding strength, sticking easily and lasting adhesion, can be repeatedly pasted without leaving traces.


    ? Anti-dust, anti-insect, anti-collision

    ? Easy for installation

    ? Various dimension for choose.

    ? Different colors and densities for choose.

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